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Hi,my name is Michelle. I am a person who has several lucid dreams a day/night who don't take "leave me alone" for an answer so I am often overwhelmed and cannot function well at all mentally when awake. This journal is a means to talk about those dreams and let them leave my mind. If not,you will find me talking about dreams in general. Sometimes I will simply feel manic and I'll turn into a crazy lady who will ramble nonsense about my perception of reality or wonder different ways our reality could be different than what most people believe it to be, organize my overwhelmed mind from the things I try to understand about my belief in the connection between reality and dreams, my spiritual beliefs and the surreal things I sometimes experience along the way. Also, I sometimes express myself in a delusional manner but I don't consider myself delusional at all, I simply express myself that way as a way to best understand my inner emotions.

Other times I'll post like a normal person about music I like, games, graphic design, and your usual rants and posts where I try to cope from one thing or another such as with family and my life with Manic Depression/Social Anxiety disorder.

My life's passion is to observe and experience as much curious wonders as I can in dreams and to experience life with a sort of surreal enlightenment in my waking world, experience my reality with almost magical wonder and to live with peace, fulfillment, acceptance and meaningful connections.

As for normal hobbies, the only thing I'm barely good at is making icons and banners but I don't make them much anymore. I find anime interesting but I don't often watch it, I also love video games and music. Yup

Also I sometimes find myself reading a lot of certain sites and blogs about certain issues such as sexism/equality, self-esteem/acceptance and such, currently the only site that I remember of and who I follow at the moment is Racebending which is a community "dedicated to encouraging fair casting practices" and "promote just and equal opportunities in the entertainment industry". So yeah,I think that deserves a mention.

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